Sinclair Smith & Company is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Our services include strategic consulting, industrial design and interior design.




SS&Co provides services in three categories

Strategic Consulting Strategic Consulting

We create ideas. We help our clients discover and refine the ideas that lead to new products and services. With an emphasis on human narratives, performances and behaviors, we articulate client and consumer needs and help envision more robust brand experiences with greater value for the consumer and the client.

Industrial Design Industrial Design

We turn ideas into form. We specialize in product design, design engineering and product development. We create simple, iconic product solutions that provide our clients and their consumers with functionality, elegance and delight. And we follow through by connecting clients with the right manufacturer and supervising the entire production process.

Interior Design Interior Design

We put ideas and form in context. We provide interior design services for residential and commercial clients with a focus on custom millwork and carefully tailored fixtures for seamlessly branded environments. We work closely with fabricators and contractors to provide project management and quality control all the way through to the punch list.

From the Blog

Color on the eve of the enlightenment

Color on the eve of the enlightenment

Posted on May 20, 2014 in Antiques, Books, Color, History

The book of color from 1692. via thisiscolossal

Road lettering. Freehand.

Road lettering. Freehand.

Posted on Apr 4, 2014 in Craft, graphic design, Typography

Beautiful. Perfect craftsmanship. The dance within the negative space of the letterforms, with his left hand behind his back, is so elegant. Particularly on the S. Amazing stuff. (via someone on Facebook.)

Pono Music. Elevating digital.

Pono Music. Elevating digital.

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 in Music & Art, Tech

This is huge. Watch the video. As a musician I’m intimately familiar with the process of having sound choked and severely limited as it travels out of the studio and into a digital format. Pono’s ability to reproduce the capacity of the studio and the artist’s intention will be revolutionary. Leave it to Neil Young. […]

At Sinclair Smith & Co. we use design to make life better. Better working. Better playing. Better looking. And we’re proud to have done that for some of the best names in business.