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iPhone behavior forecast

Posted on Jun 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve had my iPhone up and running for about eight hours now and it’s AWESOME! I won’t waste time with all that can be read elsewhere, and get straight to the three new behaviors and uses I see occurring as unintentional results of this wonderful new tool-toy.

1. Women and men alike will begin using the sleek dark glass as a compact mirror almost immediately.

2. People will begin reaching out to their computer screens to wipe to the next application.

3. Someone will snort blow off of one of these before the night is through.

Rubbermaid– get it?

Posted on Jun 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

No really. Rubber-maid. Get it? How weird is that? Not really that weird, considering the company started in the USA between the wars and around the time of the Great Depression when the plastics industry was developing and the country’s class structure was changing; people couldn’t afford maids to make their homes as presentable as may have been required for upward mobility. Can’t afford a real maid? Get Rubbermaid! (Apparently Rubberwife was already taken by another manufacturer.)

There’s little that’s green about the Amazon

Posted on Jun 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Amazon just sent me an email. Their algorithm figured that if I bought “Worldchanging” then I’m sure to like a whole slew of books about being green…. You know the drill.

And that’s totally true. So in my best effort to be green– halo adorned– I’m going to order all of these books and have Amazon ship them to me in individual cardboard boxes that could each house a moose, stuffed with plastic balloons for stability, glossy coupons for my next internet purchase, and a little extra cardboard and plastic wrap for protection within the moose box. And I’m gonna make sure that Carlos, our UPS guy, takes separate trips to my door in his big brown super combuster, so the air in the east williamsburg industrial park prevents any need for future deforestation. When the books arrive, and I’ve absorbed all the lessons, I’m going to shoot myself for what I’ve done.

Writing about the iPhone can be sexy!

Posted on Jun 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

I just posted my first blog post in the “real world” of blogging. Click on the link now:

The Keyboardless iPhone: Less poking, more stroking

China celebrates Puerto Rican Day with export of 100 millionth Puerto Rican flag

Posted on Jun 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Dear editors of The Onion,
I am still looking for a job.

1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design

Posted on Jun 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Design guru Allan Chochinov is not only my mentor, and not only editor in chief at core77.com, but he is also a design guru. I cannot believe that I haven’t posted this yet. Now I know why I only got an A-. Allan will split your head open with face-your-own-shit-and-stop-thinking-like-an-idiot g-force dialectics and send you cryin’ for mama. Design is serious business folks. We cannot afford to overlook its influence and impact. And you cannot afford to overlook his manifesto. Come on, it’s 1000 words! If you don’t read it you’ll be dumb.


Read it.

10 design behavior questions for a successful first date

Posted on Jun 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

1. Do you progressively roll your toothpaste tube from the bottom or do you just squeeze on it wherever until it seems empty?

2. Do you use a soapdish?

3. Do you use separate sponges for cleaning the dishes and cleaning the counter?

4. Do you store trash bags at the bottom of the trash can?

5. Do you arrange your clothes by cut and function or by color and pattern?

6. Do you work with more than three windows open on your desktop?

7. Do you clean your mouse periodically?

8. If you bought a Breuer chair on Monday, having never heard of Breuer, would you tell a friend on Tuesday that you “just bought a Breuer chair?”

9. In the summer, do you close shop doors that have AC billowing into the street?

10. Do you pick up the check with your left hand or your right?

If you know your own answers to these of life’s essential questions, then when you hear them answered by your date, you’ll be sure to know if this is the one.

Furniture for Food for Thought

Posted on Jun 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

About a month ago I had this string of days when I repeatedly saw food and furniture being fused together. It was a bit strange to see these four projects back to back, but they’re all really fun and they make me want to sit and eat. I share now.

First stop is theoriginalsushipillow.com.

I saw these at the cherry blossom festival. “The makers of these great pillows, Cindy Tomm and Mel Maghuyop, are actors who toured with the musical Miss Saigon in North America,” and “it all started when Cindy mentioned wanting a pillow that looked like a sushi roll.” So goes their website. I mean, doesn’t all great work start that way? It was the first time I ever wanted to curl up with edamame. Collect them all!

Next stop was the presentation of industrial design master’s theses at Pratt Institute. There, Judy Hoysak wowed us all with her exuberance and passion for vegetables. Her thesis began with the simple challenge of wanting to have a garden in the industrial park where she lives in Brooklyn. (Sorry Judy, it’s an “INDUSTRIAL” park.) So she designed indoor planters that act as furniture. “Gardening is a fun, satisfying hobby, and indoor vegetable gardens can beautify the home while providing tasty and healthy foods. Lighting, soil substrates, and heirloom plant varieties were researched before determining successful combinations that would maximize existing negative space possibilities.” What a sentence! Brilliant! Judy also won an award for this work from my favorite retail design nemesis, Design Within Reach. Go Judy! Pictured below are her “Vege Table” and “Bean Screen.”

The third stop was the final furniture studio presentation at Pratt. There, 2nd year ID grad students Heather Taylor and Noel Spangler had a furniture-food-fight-off. “Stop designing with your food!” “Awe, Mom!”

Heather Taylor’s “Take-Out Table” takes its cue from chinese to-go containers.

So the scenario is familiar: you take out the food from the restaurant; you take out the containers from the bag; you take out the food from the containers. But then where do you put the food? You take out the Take-Out Table! Put it down, open the leaves, and sit on the floor. Containers sit in removable stainless baskets within the table. Chopsticks sold separately.

Noel Spangler fired back with his Sandwich stool for kids.

“The piece is composed of separate stackable layers – or cushions – that the child can play with and use to create a stool of any desired height. The child can also change the design of the chair by changing the order of the individual layers.”

So I gather it’s okay to design with your food after all. Is this setting up a dinner table disaster or a new breed of Top Chef? Who cares? This is so much fun, it’s obscene! I love it. How cool would it be if Noel’s stools pimped out the inside of this ride?

The above designs make me hungry. But more importantly, they make me happy to see that young designers are working on the consciousness of eating in new and playful ways. Many thanks to the all who agreed to let me show their work herein. If you would like to contact any of these brilliant people, leave a comment and we’ll get in touch.

And lastly, none of this would have caught my eye in quite the same way were it not for “Egg-blanket” by Cricket Ricardo, as previously showcased right here, on the IndustrialCircus.