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Rapid prototyping as tool for teaching art

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 in Art, Education, Tech

Virginia Postrel has an opinion piece in Bloomberg exploring how 3D mapping and rapid prototyping are bringing difficult to see pieces of art into the classroom. Surprisingly or not, institutions like the Met and Getty are engaged with Makerbot to create libraries of accessible 3D digital files that can output scale reproductions of 3D works of art. Intellectual property and authenticity issues surrounding reproduction are sure to arise as they have since the birth of industrialization (see Walter Benjamin’s 1936 essay Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction) but I’m heartened by the generosity with which art institutions seem to be willing to open their doors via any means available. Even Makerbots.

Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser

Posted on Jun 16, 2012 in Food, Packaging, Product

“It took three years for Ekuan and his team to arrive at the dispenser’s transparent teardrop shape. More than 100 prototypes were tested in the making of its innovative, dripless spout (based on a teapot’s, but inverted). The design proved to be an ideal ambassador. With its imperial red cap and industrial materials (glass and plastic), it helped timeless Japanese design values — elegance, simplicity and supreme functionality — infiltrate kitchens around the world.” Read the full nytimes article…

Apple drops the DVD drive

Posted on Jun 11, 2012 in Tech

In a move echoing its rejection of the floppy drive in the 90s, Apple has dropped the DVD drive from its new line of Macbook Pros, reported the nytimes today. Coupled with the replacement of the hard drive by flask memory, the immediate justification for the elimination of the dvd drive is the ability to streamline the weight and profile of the machines, which they claim to have achieved by 25%. But to me this signals a more aggressive move to force Apple consumers to upload and view content via its proprietary services like iCloud and iTunes. Personally I’m bummed. I regularly use my dvd drive to watch movies and listen to music and the thought of having to depend on the web or a separately purchased auxiliary drive is a downer. But I can’t complain about a book that’s 25% lighter. I’ll take two!

The ubiquitous Solo Cup is graduated– who knew?

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 in Food, Product, Quotidien things

I love this and I had no idea. Via Buzzfeed.