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TV on fire on TV on fire on TV

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Dysfunction, Furniture, Product

Watching the fire on TV around Christmas Time is a seasonal favorite. When I was a kid my sister and I thought we were very clever and postmodern to put our little TV in the fireplace of our livingroom as some kind of meta statement on how best to view the yule log channel. Well, the above wood burning stove is not a joke, and takes the yule log channel to a whole other level by modeling the fireplace itself on the design of contemporary flat screen TVs. So let’s hear it for the folks behind the Scan 57 for their free standing wood burning stove, though I’m not exactly sure where to begin.

Mayflower & Blimp

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 in History, New York, Photography, Transportation

National Geographic has a fantastic blog called Found. “FOUND is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives.” The above image from 1957 of a replica of the Mayflower sailing into New York Harbour is wonderful. The mash up of historical air and sea technologies in a single frame is awesome. (via KR)

Defrosting a cold storage building

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Architecture, Decay, Food

MAKE has this great post up about a Chicago cold storage building that had to be defrosted after 90 years of meatpacking service as part of its sale to bicycle company SRAM. The images are fantastic. Definitely take a look at the time lapse footage of the melting process:

DIY Emergency phone charger (from a cordless drill!!)

As far as I’m concerned, every third adult needs to know how to do this in a pinch, otherwise we’re all fucked.

ISS Designs Shelving System

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Books, Furniture, Hardware, Interiors, Retail

A friend brought ISS back to my attention. It’s good to remember that it’s out there. I almost spec’d it for a store once. They sent a rep to my office; nice people. It’s a great aluminum extrusion based shelving system with very elegant joinery. Lots of components. Lots of configurations. Check it out here.

The Brannock Device

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Clothing, History, Quotidien things, Tools

Having a child means endlessly buying clothes. Why I have not abandoned my career to take advantage of this constantly rejuvenating and replenishing market says something I guess. Anyway… My son was getting fitted for shoes and I found myself staring down at the ubiquitous shoe measurer dingus and it occurred to me for the first time that that dingus is a real product with a story and I noticed that it has a name: “Brannock Device.” Oh joy! What a name for such a thing that I have known my whole life but never considered! You can read about the product which dates to the late 20s on their site here. It’s interesting to consider what an inexact science shoe fitting was until the time of its invention and therefore what a profound impact it has had on the mass production of shoes by standardizing measurement and providing consumer demographic data to manufacturers via retailers.

Also, super thumbs up to the web designers for Brannock for that animation on the home page nav hover. Pretty sweet.