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Build It Green: reclaimed bowling alley floor

Posted on Mar 28, 2011 in Eco, Furniture, sustaina-bling


Just saw these beautiful big cuts of reclaimed bowling alleys on the Build It Green website. I would really like to sink my teeth into this stuff. Who needs a conference table?! Two weeks ago I was at the Columbus Ave Shake Shack with my son and noticed that the tables and counters are branded (literally heat branded) with the Shake Shack logo (see second image), the logo of the local fabricator Counter Evolution and another brand saying the wood came from reclaimed bowling alleys (see third image). First thought, good for Shake Shack for building green. Second thought, good for Counter Evolution for building a smart business with a good product and attracting sophisticated clients like Danny Meyer. And third thought, bummer that our nations classic bowling alleys are being ripped up!! But I repeat: Who needs a custom conference table?!