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Albert Exergian TV posters

Posted on Jul 21, 2011 in Advertising, Color, graphic design

I missed the boat on this ages ago but my buddy JMR posted them on Facebook and they’re great. Art director Albert Exergian‘s super reduced modernist posters for popular tv shows as reported in the Guardian (Jan 2010). Being a man drawn to the simple nature of things and clever solutions, I have a particular fondness for the MacGyver poster with the paperclip. Good stuff. And good color. See more…

Alex Steinweiss– RIP

Posted on Jul 19, 2011 in Advertising, Art, graphic design, Music & Art, Packaging, People

Steven Heller wrote a lovely obituary for the late and great Alex Steinweiss in today’s New York TImes. I had never heard of Steinweiss and I’m sorry because his contribution was huge. As advertising manager for Columbia Records he essentially introduced original artwork to the record sleeve. If you consider a time before records used covers for marketing but consider how cherished is the tactile experience of holding a sleeve and hearing amazing music, you get not only the idea of the contribution he made toward elevating that music purchasing and listening experience, but also what an impression that must have made onto other marketed and decorated product packaging. Records are at the center of cherished products and they are so largely for their unique art. What an amazing contribution to make to industrial design in general. Read the full obit.

Sinclair Oil memorabilia

Posted on May 11, 2011 in Advertising, Branding, Cycling, Transportation

My lady saw this and sent it to me. Presumably it’s an antique (delivery?) bicycle branded with ad space for the Sinclair gas and oil company. I would have thought oil companies would have wanted to destroy bicycles the way they destroyed the street car industry. Maybe not. Anyway, I want it.

I also want this Sinclair grease can I saw in a window today. $95. Who wants to buy me more junk?

Nice hand drawn type


This should have gone up here ages ago as indicated by the date on it but better late than never. There’s nothing new about nostalgic poster art, particularly the wood cut banner style of the 19th cent American West, and particularly if you live in Brooklyn in the early 21st cent as I do and of which time and movement I consider myself part and parcel. Terrible sentence. But I really appreciate the confidence of this hand drawn poster/flyer. Simple line weight, looks like it was made quickly, some diversity of letterforms and scale but clearly of one hand. Were it mine, I probably I would have considered this a sketch and labored over a final rendering in the computer forever, totally over doing it. It never would have looked as good as this. Clearly this did go through the computer in someway as evidenced by the identical bottles, but still. Kudos to the artist. I like it.

Bushwick marketing

Posted on Feb 21, 2011 in Advertising, Brooklyn, Cycling, Food

I’ve been out here in Bushwick or East Williamsburg for eleven years and one of the things I love most about neighborhoods like this is the blurred lines between clean intention and decayed happenstance. Yummus Hummus is a little place around the corner and they use this old bike, chained to a sign post as an ad board– look closely. It’s perfectly targeted marketing. No one but some freak like me, totally in love with post-industrial rust and dust is gonna pay any attention to that heap of junk.