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Distribution fail

Posted on Jan 26, 2011 in Branding, Dysfunction, Quotidien things, Transportation

Best wishes for Corona and their sunny clientele!!

Playing card graphics have staying power

Posted on Jan 19, 2011 in Branding, graphic design, Product

I’ve been researching playing card designs through history for a job and the other day I passed the playing card section (who knew?) at Duane Reade and was struck by how every brand on sale in 2011 is still basically using a design language from over 100 years ago. What is it about playing cards that makes their manufactureres think that not only do they not need to be modernized to capture market share in a big box retailer, but that they shouldn’t? Most brands find ways to maintain legacy and authenticity while still keeping up with aesthetic trends and most consumers demand that. Why not with playing cards?

The Colorforms Story

Posted on Dec 6, 2010 in Branding, Product, Toys

A friend on Facebook linked to this amazing presentation and history of Colorforms on the site of Mel Birnkrant, the inventor and toy designer who would breathe decades of life into the previously invented and wildly simple toy. Take the time to go through this and read his story. It’s really great.

This American Jump Drive

Posted on Nov 23, 2010 in Branding, Product

A few months ago the final file flew out of my office for production of the This American Life promotional flash drive loaded with episodes of the show. It was tons of fun working with Ira Glass and Seth Lind over at TAL. Looking forward to the possibility of future merchandise projects for the show. You can check out the drive on the TAL site here and click through to buy your own! Or you can check it out on my site here.

New FDA cigarette pack warnings

Posted on Nov 10, 2010 in Branding, Health, Product, Transportation

Wow. These are pretty hardcore. I’d like to see Ray LaHood force automakers to cover half of every car with a warning like these. (Wish I had time today to mock that up…. Just imagine for now.) Read the full article in the Times.

On Kerning

Posted on Oct 25, 2010 in Branding, Transportation, Typography

Not sure there’s much more to say.

Viagra goes NUTS!

Posted on Apr 30, 2007 in Branding

Viagra has gone to new lengths with its latest commercials. Totally dodging FDA regulations that impose strict rules regarding disclosure when making articulated claims about a product, Viagra has chosen to be completely inarticulate. The men in these new TV commercials are speaking in complete gibberish. No good sensimilaty make, no responsitility take. Read the full story in the New York Times: