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The Brannock Device

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Clothing, History, Quotidien things, Tools

Having a child means endlessly buying clothes. Why I have not abandoned my career to take advantage of this constantly rejuvenating and replenishing market says something I guess. Anyway… My son was getting fitted for shoes and I found myself staring down at the ubiquitous shoe measurer dingus and it occurred to me for the first time that that dingus is a real product with a story and I noticed that it has a name: “Brannock Device.” Oh joy! What a name for such a thing that I have known my whole life but never considered! You can read about the product which dates to the late 20s on their site here. It’s interesting to consider what an inexact science shoe fitting was until the time of its invention and therefore what a profound impact it has had on the mass production of shoes by standardizing measurement and providing consumer demographic data to manufacturers via retailers.

Also, super thumbs up to the web designers for Brannock for that animation on the home page nav hover. Pretty sweet.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Presentation

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Clothing, Color, Fashion, Featured

We’re all very accustomed to the efficiency and arrogance of having a new product presented to us on a white pedestal, against a white background, as if its behavior, function and context should be evident by its titanium doohickey. But I’ll take Marc Jabobs’ train set over that any day. Is there any question just what he has in mind for his new collection? Watch this…

Big watch

Posted on Dec 26, 2011 in Clothing, Fashion, Product, sustaina-bling


Interesting article in the nytimes about current trends in the size of wrist watches.

L.L. Bean wrapping tissue

Posted on Jun 20, 2011 in Branding, Children, Clothing, Illustration, Packaging, Retail

I got an awesome pair of boots from L.L. Bean for father’s day yesterday– thank you KR and HS!!– and I was almost as excited about the beautiful paper that came in the box to wrap the boots. It looks like an old repeat from their archives, unless of course they never stopped using it. Anyway, the illustrations are gorgeous; check out the movement on that fisherman. They need to add some color and get into making bedding for kids. Classic stuff.

J Crew: New England Harbour

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 in Clothing, Fashion, graphic design, Retail

Don’t get me wrong, I like J Crew these days. In general I have always respected their no frills delivery of an Anglo-American style. I wore their clothes in middle school and I wear them now. They provide a good if often over priced service as mass stylists. But I found a product displayed in my email inbox today to be horribly lazy, almost as if it were dialed in by their suppliers in China. Making a t shirt that reads “New England Harbour” just makes me think we must be really stupid as consumers. I’ve never understood those non-specific pre-decayed souvenir shirts anyway. Yes, I understand coveting authenticity. But you have to be REALLY dumb to think that someone who sees a shirt that reads “New England Harbour” on your chest will see you as some authentically travelled salty old dog, ready to dish out where to find the best lobster rolls in the land. “Ah, You’ve been to New England Harbour I see!! Well you must know Sandy Beach! A marvelous family destination!! My family has retired to a home there in the summer for years!” I recommend they add to that collection something for the more metropolitan traveller: a shirt that reads, “New York Building.”

Actually, I’d wear that.

Mickey Drexler

Posted on May 20, 2011 in Branding, Business, Clothing, New York

This article in the New Yorker on Mickey Drexler (from last September!!) is worth the read.

Shoes in a Basket

Posted on Apr 24, 2011 in Clothing, Food, parenting, SS&CO projects, Toys


Henry’s basket as set aside for him to find upon waking Easter morning. I wonder if it will be the first time a child wakes to find shoes in among all the candy, fake grass and fluffy stuff. KR thought of that one and I thought it was a wonderful idea. I’d like to have a pair of Natives myself. Happy Easter all. May your dreams escape and live forever.

Easter memory overload

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 in Clothing, Color


This photo in an email from Vineyard Vines jolted me into my childhood super hard. I can feel and hear all the crinkly green cellophane grass between my fingers as I dig through plastic wicker for jelly beans. And I see meadows of fresh green grass but taste the dusty smell of church and stale chocolate. I want mud stains on my khakis and blazer and I want to pretend to like Jesus and deservedly drink bloody marys. Alas, I am a sober and atheist dweller of a leafless industrial park and I eat eggs everyday for breakfast come rain or resurrection. But man do I love pastels and can I tie a tie.