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Dolce Vita Conference Table

Posted on Dec 1, 2011 in Craft, Featured, Furniture, Hardware, Process, SS&CO projects

I’m really proud of this table I just did for Dolce Vita. I had drawn it as a super simple, single piece welded brass frame. But I went and double checked the freight elevator and stairwell in the Puck building and knew there was no way in hell it was going to get up to its new home. It had to be made in pieces. Oh but where to put the seams?!?!? Hide them in the corners or bury them in plain sight? I came up with this little cube detail for the middle of each side with reveals around it and used it as a coupling that slides into the four corner elements and holds it all together. I was nervous that it would look fussy and silly. I don’t think it does. I’m psyched. Looks good. Check it out.

Cupcake drawer pulls

Posted on Nov 22, 2011 in Color, Craft, Featured, Food, Hardware, Product

I was just searching for cabinet pulls for a client (nothing like these, I assure you fair reader) and thought I’d see who’s making a break for it on Etsy when I came across these fake cupcake drawer pulls. Umm… genius and delightful? And totally grotesque? I’m not sure I’d ever be able to open a drawer for fear of messing up the icing. Shimrita says her(?) cupcakes are “handmade from scratch.” Love it. I would like to know what they’re made from to look so real, but I’m sure it’s a recipe best kept a secret. This is the best product Emilie Baltz never designed. Rock on Shimrita…

Typography of Sanborn NYC maps

Posted on Sep 4, 2011 in Books, Featured, graphic design, History, New York, Typography

Designer Christian Annyas has a post up featuring gorgeous covers from Sanborn insurance map books along with a thorough archive of links to other examples and resources. I’ve drooled over plates like these in the Pratt Library which has stacks of historical insurance map books of the city. Absolutely stunning. Via Khoi Vinh.

Rosenzweig, send more shims!

Posted on Aug 27, 2011 in Featured, SS&CO projects

I haven’t posted for a while cuz I’ve been in the Bronx building a job and haven’t seen my desk in a month. But watch for upcoming photos of the job in September and know for now that it’s entailed a lot of carpentry and where there’s carpentry there’s need for shims and where there’s need for shims, well, anything goes. So Rosenzweig, thank you for all your beautiful lumber, but we used those yardsticks you gave us as shims, so uh, can we get some more? tx.

Scope Outlast packaging fail

Posted on Jul 22, 2011 in Advertising, Branding, Color, Dysfunction, Featured, Packaging

Ok, so I am SUPER late to the party on this one, but I just saw the Scope Outlast bottle in the store and was really taken aback. I got four words: gypsy cab air freshener. As reported in the Dieline in 2009, brand management at Scope and the designers at Webb deVlam wanted to ensure the bottle would not be relegated to under sink cabinet status for reasons of exposing the brand and encouraging routine use. All well and good, so they went with a jewel and perfume bottle inspired form to elevate status by form association. Ok, also well and good, particularly when you think that Scope makes your breath smell fresh. Ok, doing great, and then along comes the semiotic disruptor– blue liquid!!! Noooooooo!!! So here’s a question: what’s a blue or brightly colored liquid that comes in a jewel like bottle so it can be elevated to above the counter status when really it’s trash? Four words: gypsy cab air freshener.

OKI in Brutus

Posted on May 10, 2011 in Architecture, Brooklyn, Featured, SS&CO projects

My wife and son and I were very honored to receive the kind editorial and photo team from the Japanese lifestyle and culture magazine Brutus in our home last month. And we are happy to be included in the May 2011 issue’s feature spread, “In Brooklyn Style”. Available on newstands!! There are some interesting homes featured along with ours showing the post-deconstructionist, reclaimed and renowned crafty-quilty-hodge-podge that is Brooklyn these days. Shout out to Jeff Staple for recommending us for the issue, and big thanks to Brutus writers/contributing editors David Imber and Mika Yoshida for their care and consideration. This was in the works for a while and we weren’t sure if it would fall through given recent events in Japan, but as they say, the show must go on…. Photographer Naho Kubota’s shots are excellent and I’d love to get a set to use here on the site. Click on the pics above and below for larger views. It’s feels good to get some design attention for a project that’s been ongoing for 11 years now. (wow!) There’s a link to the magazine online here, but I gather it will change after the 15h of May.