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Nice hand drawn type


This should have gone up here ages ago as indicated by the date on it but better late than never. There’s nothing new about nostalgic poster art, particularly the wood cut banner style of the 19th cent American West, and particularly if you live in Brooklyn in the early 21st cent as I do and of which time and movement I consider myself part and parcel. Terrible sentence. But I really appreciate the confidence of this hand drawn poster/flyer. Simple line weight, looks like it was made quickly, some diversity of letterforms and scale but clearly of one hand. Were it mine, I probably I would have considered this a sketch and labored over a final rendering in the computer forever, totally over doing it. It never would have looked as good as this. Clearly this did go through the computer in someway as evidenced by the identical bottles, but still. Kudos to the artist. I like it.

The benefits of a design education

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 in Illustration, parenting, SS&CO projects, Toys

As designers go, I don’t really consider drawing to be my strongest suit and I can be frequently heard hedging myself with phrases like, “I’m not really like a car guy.” But I gotta say, when my son hands me a crayon and points at a blank piece of paper and says, “dada, make it racecar,” and I bust this out in 10 seconds to his total delight, it feels really really good. So thank you Pratt. And thank you Joel.

Kneel before the hand of Erik Sanko!!

Posted on Feb 1, 2011 in Art, Brooklyn, Illustration, Music & Art

I am proud to call Erik Sanko my friend and colleague, but I had no idea he could draw and letter like this. Yes, that’s right. All of the above he did by hand. Try not to be impressed smug public!