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Disco ziggurat

Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Manufacturing, Packaging, Product, Toys

For Christmas, my son Henry received a solar powered rotating disco ball made by Kikkerland. It’s cool. But I am what I am and I got really into the pressed paper pulp packaging, (please pardon the alliteration) which when flipped over looks like some miniature ancient temple set piece from an Indiana Jones movie. Check it…

Ford surpasses Honda and meets Toyota in consumer survey

Posted on Jan 6, 2011 in Manufacturing, Transportation

This article in the Times just plain made me happy. My dad drove a 1970 grabber orange Mustang convertible so I’ve always been kind of a Ford guy, and I want to see American manufacturing back on the map. I still think that American car designers turn out crappy stuff and blame it on a public without taste. Most of the cars from the big three are eye garbage no matter what anyone says about consumer satisfaction (see BMW, Mercedes and Volvo sweeping those ratings– Volvo even with Ford ownership?!?!?! wtf people? communicate!!) but still, this is great news. And I hope it has a ripple affect in the rest of the domestic economy and industrial landscape. We need it.