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Vintage Motorola stamp

Posted on Feb 10, 2011 in Branding, graphic design, Packaging, Product, Typography

A friend of a friend who works at Motorola posted this to the Motorola Facebook page. Said she found it “in an old desk in my dad’s basement.” Thought we might appreciate it. We do!!! I am going to assume this is a printing plate of some kind and someone hit the ole reflect button in ps. Classic stuff.

Perfect pasta packaging

I hesitate from being too dramatic here, though I realize drama befits any discussion of pasta. Still, even if the issue be only graphic and typographic in nature, the style is so brutal and austere in form and type and so bold and passionate in proportion and color that I can’t help but say that if I ever make a single layout as simple and striking and beautiful as this, I promise to die a happy man and forfeit all prior grievances. Really. The people at Molino & Pastificio have produced some of the best packaging of all time. (Eat your fill Lester Beall.) I’ve taken my time and considered my words. And I’m comfortable with that statement.

Disco ziggurat

Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Manufacturing, Packaging, Product, Toys

For Christmas, my son Henry received a solar powered rotating disco ball made by Kikkerland. It’s cool. But I am what I am and I got really into the pressed paper pulp packaging, (please pardon the alliteration) which when flipped over looks like some miniature ancient temple set piece from an Indiana Jones movie. Check it…