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Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser

Posted on Jun 16, 2012 in Food, Packaging, Product

“It took three years for Ekuan and his team to arrive at the dispenser’s transparent teardrop shape. More than 100 prototypes were tested in the making of its innovative, dripless spout (based on a teapot’s, but inverted). The design proved to be an ideal ambassador. With its imperial red cap and industrial materials (glass and plastic), it helped timeless Japanese design values — elegance, simplicity and supreme functionality — infiltrate kitchens around the world.” Read the full nytimes article…

The ubiquitous Solo Cup is graduated– who knew?

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 in Food, Product, Quotidien things

I love this and I had no idea. Via Buzzfeed.

The Heritage Firmamentum

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Product


The Heritage Watch Manufactory is a new (2010) Swiss watchmaker known for the immediate competitiveness of its products alongside established leaders in high-end, precision watchmaking. Check out this video explaining the Firmamentum and try to keep up please!

Big watch

Posted on Dec 26, 2011 in Clothing, Fashion, Product, sustaina-bling


Interesting article in the nytimes about current trends in the size of wrist watches.

Dieter for sale!!

Posted on Dec 7, 2011 in Antiques, Product

Das Programm is a site that collects and sells only Braun products made between 1955 and 1995 when Dieter Rams was Director of Design.

I’ll take one of each. Better make that two.

W.F. Norman Gravemarkers

Posted on Nov 28, 2011 in Health, Product, Quotidien things

I got turned on to W.F. Norman about 11 years ago when I started combing the American pressed tin market for all the patterns I’d need to patch the building I’d just bought in Brooklyn. I totally fell in love with their print catalogs, and though they didn’t have every tin pattern I needed, they had and still have the most impressive selection and most beautiful presentation of historic decorative sheet metal I’ve seen. But tonight I looked at their website for the first time and discovered that they make and sell gravemarkers. Ok, that’s cool. I mean, we need those right? But what really struck me is that they come 25 in a box. I’m gonna leave it there.

Cupcake drawer pulls

Posted on Nov 22, 2011 in Color, Craft, Featured, Food, Hardware, Product

I was just searching for cabinet pulls for a client (nothing like these, I assure you fair reader) and thought I’d see who’s making a break for it on Etsy when I came across these fake cupcake drawer pulls. Umm… genius and delightful? And totally grotesque? I’m not sure I’d ever be able to open a drawer for fear of messing up the icing. Shimrita says her(?) cupcakes are “handmade from scratch.” Love it. I would like to know what they’re made from to look so real, but I’m sure it’s a recipe best kept a secret. This is the best product Emilie Baltz never designed. Rock on Shimrita…

Eton products rock

Posted on Aug 27, 2011 in I want it, Product, sustaina-bling, Tech

Sitting at home, watching hurricane Irene gain speed as she heads our way, I’m online looking at the handcrank radio and flashlight units from Eton— one of which I really wish I had right about now as we prepare for a power outtage but noooo!!! I had to tell myself it was a frivolous purchase two years ago— and I came upon this new beauty, coming soon for iPhone 4. Pretty sweet.

Ancient Industries

Beautiful store. Beautiful blog. How I long on days like these for my muggy view of the Thames.

The resurgence of fans?

Posted on Jun 22, 2011 in Home Improvement, Product, Science, Tools

I was happy to read this article in the Times about ceiling fans. There’s too much AC in the world. We can’t afford. It’s not sustainable. Ironically it’s only making the planet hotter. At the very least, adding a ceiling fans to an HVAC system can seriously improve overall efficiency.