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Products of Design, MFA program at SVA

Posted on Mar 23, 2011 in Education, SS&CO projects

It’s a real honor to be able to announce the new Products of Design MFA program at SVA beginning Fall 2013 and to be a part of its accomplished faculty. Department chair and mastermind Allan Chochinov has put together an amazing cast of characters to carry forward his mission to teach design with less emphasis on artifacts and greater emphasis on systems and consequences. The role of design and designers is changing and Allan has been a passionate and inspiring voice for moving the study and practice of design in a new direction. I am proud to have been his student and to call him a mentor and even more proud that now that he has his platform he has asked me to join the cause.

Springtime at Home

Posted on Mar 20, 2011 in Home Improvement, Quotidien things, SS&CO projects

Enter Spring. Bring on the fleurs.

Papa’s got a brand new bag!

Posted on Feb 17, 2011 in Fashion, SS&CO projects

I’ma say more bout this little gem as soon as I get some time. But for now go here.

The benefits of a design education

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 in Illustration, parenting, SS&CO projects, Toys

As designers go, I don’t really consider drawing to be my strongest suit and I can be frequently heard hedging myself with phrases like, “I’m not really like a car guy.” But I gotta say, when my son hands me a crayon and points at a blank piece of paper and says, “dada, make it racecar,” and I bust this out in 10 seconds to his total delight, it feels really really good. So thank you Pratt. And thank you Joel.

OKI C of O

Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Brooklyn, SS&CO projects, Uncategorized

This certificate of occupancy changed the use of the building my wife and I own from manufacturing to commercial and is the result of the longest and hardest work/fight of my life. After nine years of battle I finally wrestled this thing from the foaming jaws of the New York City Department of Buildings. Anyway I’m really proud of it, so what else to do but… put it on the blog!!

Demeter Stool v2!!

Posted on Jan 24, 2011 in Furniture, SS&CO projects

I am super excited about the latest furniture project to come out of my studio. The Demeter Stool v2 is an update of the Demeter Stool. The laser cut stainless steel frames just arrived from the fabricator today and I installed the maple seats on site at their home– the soon to open Scali Caff√© at 245 Bleecker Street. When the restaurant is done I’ll reshoot and put up a full project page on the site… But for now…

Busting open the shipping crate on the sidewalk….

“Solar Sun” for the Canary Project

Posted on Dec 29, 2010 in SS&CO projects

I recently worked with the Canary Project on “Solar Sun,” their large scale installation in South Africa for 350.org, an organization that works to bring awareness to global environmental issues. The intent was to arrange a happening of people and things on the ground so they’d be visible from space and photographed via satellite. (I haven’t seen those photos yet.) Canary had the great idea to use solar cookers to cook food for a huge feast of people on picnic blankets arrayed like the rays of the sun and then to give the cookers back to the community. I worked with them to develop the design and to provide logistical instructions for materials and laying everything out on the ground with no eye from above. Neither I nor Ed and Susannah at the Canary Project had much control from here in the States aside from the set up instructions we gave. But from 350.org’s flickr stream it looks like things went pretty well!