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iPad circa 1994

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 in History, Tech

Looks familiar right? Wrong. That there is a rendering? mock up? maybe a model of some kind? or other early industrial design/think tank presentation image? of a tablet computer from a 1994 report on the future of computing. It’s eerily spot on. But then again, as it goes in my “man standing holding a thin brick” dilemma of how to draw new behaviors in this adolescent digital age, there ain’t a lot to it when what you are saying is “it’s just this sort of rectilinear kind of thing that’s really just like a big screen and it does stuff automatically, like with your fingers, or invisible beams of data transaction type stuff so you are free to move around and save paper and enjoy the earth more naturally and be more present and connected with people around you….” Read more and watch an awesome video…


Posted on Mar 22, 2011 in Quotidien things, Tech, Web

I think I just became instantly addicted to wimp.com for it’s excellent collection of video content and for its brutalist site design. Among other notable attractions, see Bruce Lee crush the competition at ping pong with, wait for it— nunchuka. Testify! The above image is just a screenshot btw. Gotta go here….

(Correction: a little due diligence aka google reveals that I’m late to the game and have been had– the Bruce Lee was digitally inserted into the ping pong world by Nokia in 2008 for a Bruce Lee special edition phone for the chinese market. Source.)

Bobbing for Apples

Posted on Feb 22, 2011 in New York, Tech

Ok ok, so two Apple posts in a row– but this is cool! Besides, when in soho…. These guys are outside the Prince St Apple store with a small core driller, going down 70′ taking soil samples. For the EPA I ask? Nope, he shakes his head and nods to the building next to him. For Apple? What? Are they gonna dig down from the cellar and need to test soil and rock content? Something like that he says, looking down at a box of little jars of wet dirt marked with different depths and dates. Cool huh? More storage for Apple TVs?