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OKI C of O

Posted on Jan 25, 2011 in Brooklyn, SS&CO projects, Uncategorized

This certificate of occupancy changed the use of the building my wife and I own from manufacturing to commercial and is the result of the longest and hardest work/fight of my life. After nine years of battle I finally wrestled this thing from the foaming jaws of the New York City Department of Buildings. Anyway I’m really proud of it, so what else to do but… put it on the blog!!

Empty folder of dreams

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A while back while we were building out J.D. Fisk and making all the plywood cabinet carcasses, my buddy Jake found this little guy and put it in my hand. “Buck shot,” he said. Yeah right, I laughed, but as we crouched around he explained that– of course– plywood comes from trees and trees come from wooded areas where people go to hunt and whatever doesn’t hit an animal is bound to hit a, wait for it…. tree! I’d never seen that before. It’s a beautiful little artifact in the life of an under appreciated building material.

Extremes in community development

Posted on Dec 20, 2010 in Dysfunction, Uncategorized

This is a fascinating story from last week’s NYTimes that tells of a 30yr old unsolved murder case featuring a vicious town bully who was gunned down in broad daylight, the dozens of eyewitnesses who saw nothing and the prosecutor who fought in vain against the town’s resolve to secrecy. I see this is a case where good old fashioned people and community succeeded where the protective infrastructures of modern society failed.

Photo of the day

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NW corner, 34th & 8th.

SpongeBob Inflation Orders

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I forgot to post this from the night before Thanksgiving. Since grade school I’ve tried to make a tradition of going to see the Macy’s Parade balloons being blown up on 77th. But I never noticed the inflation instructions before. I am generally fascinated by written or illustrated instructions. These are quite strange. (Click on the image to see it a little bigger….)

Rain Noe on banquet building

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Excellent post on construction and process of banquets from Core77.

Hello s3id.com 2.0!

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Jeremy Zilar and I have just gone live with this redesign of my site and are working out a few glitches on the fly. Recent blogging has yet to be migrated. Below are posts we brought over from my old blog at industrialcircus.blogspot.com. As you can see there’s a gap in time. I think I got out of grad school and had a child somewhere in there. But I’m back at em. Hang on while we get this new ball rolling….