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Cool mechanical demos

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These were posted by Hipstomp on Core77. Great stuff. The comments on the post link to similar material elsewhere on the web. (And provide multiple explanations for the CV joint.)

Dalton Ghetti’s pencil tip sculpture

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This is just incredible. No words.

Nailing the angel without f^@&ing the client.

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Been working lately on a new account for a great client and wish I could post the whole process but no can do, so it will have to be just this for now.

There are a few challenges in this particular job but one of the most interesting is trying to incorporate a sexy little lady into the logo without it all of a sudden becoming marvelously cheesy and cheap. I spend a lot of time pouring over imagery wondering where is the line between sweet and sleaze. And we think we know it of course– but what if we had to draw it? It gets tough. How do you mash up a bunch of classically powerful icons of 20th century women with some totally untested 21st Cent models of beauty and wind up with something strong and new? To be endlessly continued…..

Workcycles rock!

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Workcycles is a company in Amsterdam that, as the brand would suggest, makes amazingly utilitarian bicycles. Their FR8 is the bike on my immediate, though not sure how immediate, horizon. And maybe more on that later. But I was totally blown away by this promotional box trike that folds out into a table to make an instant street vending set up. At the head of this outfit is a man from Brooklyn by the name of Henry. I like him already.

RIP Tobias Wong

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I can’t really believe the news that Tobias Wong is dead at 35. His work turned upside down so many ideas of value and expectation that I keep swaying toward a what if this is like an Andy Kaufmann prank… I have been so influenced by Wong’s work and was always I think even a little embarrassed to admire him as much as I do. He was a brilliant thinker who took risks with form and function and people’s minds. His work helped me to understand how I am humiliated by design as a consumer; how my desire for objects sits on really shaky ground. By messing with the values of materials and their traditional use in forms of associative value, he talked about the absurdity of our attachments to design and art. And he taught me about how we use design ostentatiously to project status and coolness. I only realized today that I didn’t cite his influence on my grad thesis. That’s crazy. His work had a profound influence on me and I will miss that feeling of wanting to pull my hair out everytime I see a new design from him. RIP.

Or don’t. And come back to count this among the countless outpourings of respect being blogged as I type.

Subway life

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Oh the tragedy of an abandoned Pooh-Bear face down in the tracks. New York is a hard town.

God help us

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Apparently we now have so much unused stuff lying around that Better Homes & Gardens decided we need a magazine dedicated to where to put it. AND! we are shown inside ways to subtly show off our stored garbage to guests who come over. Power=Waste. You can find it wherever magazines that tell you you’re fat and have no sex life are sold.

Nut Horn cookies

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I’m not sure who’s writing copying and naming stuff over at Heaven Scent (also very good), but if they should need any additional help getting their message across clearly, I’m right here.

Watch out Allan!!!!

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Signor Federico Rogers

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I love this packaging. It makes me want to eat polenta in front of the tellie watching Mr. Rogers reruns dubbed in Italian.