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Concept: Digital film cartridge for 35mm analog still camera

Posted on Apr 5, 2011 in Product, Web

The web went haywire today with traffic to a product site introducing Re35, a small digital device shaped like a 35mm film cartridge that could be inserted into an analog 35mm still camera to perform digital capture, thereby re-enabling millions of tragically extinct technological relics of the 20th century. Sadly the site and its offering are an April Fools gag from German design firm Rogge & Pott. It’s a genius idea and an extremely disruptive technology and threatening market challenge that should be within reach soon enough I’d think. The problem would be hitting the right price point of course, but also packing the processing power into the cartridge, possible increase in “emulsion” thickness creating registration problems and moving the focal plane which might require alteration of the hyper focal distance, and possibly having to alter the door on your old camera to deal with all that jazz. So what, I’m a nerd. It’s my job. But seriously yesterday I was daydreaming about shopping for a new DSLR and telling the dude at B&H that I do want all the bells and whistles on the full size sensor cameras– all I want is my Nikon F3 to do digital capture and I’ll do the rest later in Photoshop. Not this year. You can see Rogge & Pott’s project page for Re35 product and marketing package on their site here. Great stuff. Let’s see how long before these guys put Re35 up on Kickstarter.

April Fools from Google

Posted on Apr 1, 2011 in Web

Google motion is some funny stuff. Check out the “beta” site, but particularly pay attention to the printable guide of “actions” and “common phrases” generated from carefully studied semiotics of movement. Sure looks like if you made it a flip book it would be Rerun’s dance.

Cycles Grand Bois

Posted on Mar 25, 2011 in Cycling, Transportation, Web

If you like looking at bicycles, or actually if you like looking at anything in variation and beautifully organized, do yourself a favor…. click!


Posted on Mar 22, 2011 in Quotidien things, Tech, Web

I think I just became instantly addicted to wimp.com for it’s excellent collection of video content and for its brutalist site design. Among other notable attractions, see Bruce Lee crush the competition at ping pong with, wait for it— nunchuka. Testify! The above image is just a screenshot btw. Gotta go here….

(Correction: a little due diligence aka google reveals that I’m late to the game and have been had– the Bruce Lee was digitally inserted into the ping pong world by Nokia in 2008 for a Bruce Lee special edition phone for the chinese market. Source.)