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Coke and Pepsi race to be first to replace teeth with plant based plastic. Wait, what?

No, sorry, that’s not right. A New York Times story today reports that “the beverage rivals are racing to become the first to produce a plastic soda bottle made entirely from plants.” And in all sincerity I hope they both get there soon. But in a load of BS so incongruous with a century plus rivalry between two industrial giants, the piece ends with this quote from Pepsi’s VP of global beverage packaging: “We don’t feel it’s a race” Ms. Lefebvre said. “We feel like were all working together to do better for the environment and also to make good business sense.” Yeah right.
The article covers some of the production basics around shifting to new materials and the challenges in setting up new production facilities and scaling up a material dependent on land and crops and affecting commodity markets, etc. But I just can’t believe those two titans are willing to take such a pleasant stroll to a solution so good for the bottom line. Especially when they’ve had success with proprietary fruit juice bottling. What’s missing I suspect is this: if you let the mothers of America see what the chemical cocktails Pepsi and Coca-Cola do to the inside of a plant based plastic bottle and how short the shelf life is before it eats a hole through the bottle and starts decomposing her linoleum floor, you can bet your ass she’s not gonna put it in her kid’s mouth quite the way she used to.