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J Crew: New England Harbour

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 in Clothing, Fashion, graphic design, Retail

Don’t get me wrong, I like J Crew these days. In general I have always respected their no frills delivery of an Anglo-American style. I wore their clothes in middle school and I wear them now. They provide a good if often over priced service as mass stylists. But I found a product displayed in my email inbox today to be horribly lazy, almost as if it were dialed in by their suppliers in China. Making a t shirt that reads “New England Harbour” just makes me think we must be really stupid as consumers. I’ve never understood those non-specific pre-decayed souvenir shirts anyway. Yes, I understand coveting authenticity. But you have to be REALLY dumb to think that someone who sees a shirt that reads “New England Harbour” on your chest will see you as some authentically travelled salty old dog, ready to dish out where to find the best lobster rolls in the land. “Ah, You’ve been to New England Harbour I see!! Well you must know Sandy Beach! A marvelous family destination!! My family has retired to a home there in the summer for years!” I recommend they add to that collection something for the more metropolitan traveller: a shirt that reads, “New York Building.”

Actually, I’d wear that.