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Something’s wrong here.

Posted on Feb 10, 2011 in Dysfunction, Eco, Endless stuff, Packaging, Product

This is a clear hard plastic cover for an iPhone 4 still in its packaging from Incase.

And this is the price tag. Not bad. Someone’s doing pretty well making aftermarket plastic parts for a fancy phone and charging a fancy penny. But what gets me is this: below are the four main components that make up just the disposable packaging for the plastic phone cover:

From right to left, a glossy paper bifold “manual” that sits in the thermo formed anti rattle shipping tray to its left (which nests the phone cover not pictured) which nests in the pressure formed paper pulp tray to its left which slides into the printed sheath to its left and we’re done. So below we have the phone case on the left and the mountain of trash it comes in to its right.

And what I wanna know is when you go back to the unit cost for this product which is packaging for a package for a phone, what costs more, the single plastic case or its packaging?