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We Are NPR

Posted on May 11, 2013 in Music & Art, SS&CO projects, Web

I’m super excited to have just launched a new song and a site for it. We Are NPR is a punk anthem for National Public Radio that I’ve been singing to myself for geez, like 10 years now? I’ve been writing it in my head and for the past year or so I’ve been talking to my good friend Timo Ellis (of The Netherlands) about recording it together. My chops are pretty out of shape for a super-charged punk tune without a lot of practice and I knew that with Timo being the ultra badass that he is, we’d be done lickety split. And we were! We tracked it all one day at a really fast tempo and then Timo re-tracked it slower another day and I put the vocals down and Ron Shaffer at Atlantic Studios West mixed it and then I designed a site for it and Isaac Lubow coded it and voila!!! So without further ado, using my old bandname, The American Trampoline Company presents We Are NPR!!

(The project page for it on this site is here.)